Speech by Francis Jacquet, President of ACTIF AZUR

In 2023, the ACTIF Côte d'Azur association celebrated its 25th anniversary. During this ceremony, Francis Jacquet, the president of ACTIF AZUR, highlighted

Meeting at the Antibes Association House

On Friday March 22, a meeting was held at the Maison des Associations of the city of Antibes Juan-les-Pins between buyers from local authorities, such as town halls, the Alpes-Maritimes departmental council, SICTIAM, INRIA and inclusive structures such as ACTIF AZUR.

Each of the twelve structures presented themselves in turn. ACTIF AZUR was represented by Francis Jacquet , its President, accompanied by Dominique
, Recruitment Manager.

At the end of this first presentation to buyers, a second presentation took place in the afternoon for around sixty job seekers as part of a job dating organized by the PLIE of the Community of Sophia-Antipolis agglomeration.

ACTIF AZUR offers renewable 4-month contracts to our technicians in a professional integration situation in order to offer them a professional opportunity within the framework of an integration contract.

ACTIF AZUR commits to a sustainable future during the screening of “Welcome To Sodom”

On March 13, ACTIF AZUR was invited
by the Zéro Waste Sophia association to attend the screening of the documentary “Welcome To Sodom”. This film exposes the realities of life in and around the electronic waste dump called “Sodom”, located on the outskirts of the capital of Ghana.

✅ The Zero Waste France group aims to promote the zero waste, zero waste approach throughout the Sophia Antipolis region.

Thus, Francis Jacquet, President of ACTIF AZUR, presented our integration company, totally in line with the concept of “Zero Waste France”, to all participating members. During a round table debate, he then answered all the questions from the audience on our role as a computer equipment reconditioner.

This debate focused on the theme “How to extend 🔁 the lifespan of our computer equipment 💻”

An ecological approach which is one of the pillars of the ACTIF AZUR model!

Sustainable development in the spotlight at the CNRS!

On January 18, 2024, ACTIF AZUR was invited to a day dedicated to sustainable development organized at the CNRS at the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology. Francis Jacquet , President of ACTIF AZUR , presented our company, our values ​​and our environmental commitment through our reconditioning process.

A stand run by Catherine Racano , our sales manager, also allowed us to present some computer models reconditioned for CNRS employees, very committed to the environment.

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