Our IT services

Public and private markets

As an Integration Company approved by the State, Actif Azur can intervene within the framework of social clauses in public contracts, whether as a direct bidder, or as a subcontractor to the company awarded the contract. Our commitments to sustainable development, both socially and environmentally, also contribute to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Subcontracting services

For IT service companies in the PACA region, Actif Azur also acts as a subcontractor, for any request complementary to your offer or as part of additional activity. Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain a personalized quote. Our commitments to sustainable development, both socially and environmentally, also to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Professional IT equipment at low prices

ACTIF AZUR offers you renovated professional computers guaranteed up to 50% cheaper only new equipment. Refurbished computers can also benefit from depreciation linear accounting over 3 years. They can also be deducted as “charges” if their cost does not exceed €500. All our machines are equipped with a free operating system and office software in free software like OpenOffice.

Our service offer

Our technicians intervene from our workshop or on your site, for any technical assistance service, among
including deployment, maintenance, fleet management and user support.
Remote maintenance offer: 15-hour package for a period of 6 months

  • Remote maintenance service:
  • Monitoring and verification of system malfunctions.
  • Problem with antivirus, firewall, OS software updates.
  • Cleaning temporary files, unnecessary files, registry.
  • Checking the operation and configuration of the Internet browser.
  • Print driver problem and other…
    Software installation by download.
  • Diagnosis and resolution of faults on mailboxes.
  • Diagnosis and resolution of an IT security problem.
  • Creation of new users.
    Restoration and backup.
    Internet failure diagnosis.

In almost 85% of cases, remote maintenance makes it possible to resolve the problem observed and start the machine quickly.

No travel costs.

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