The Association

Since 1998


The Actif Côte d'Azur association was created in 1998 by volunteer executives retired from the IBM Company, with the aim of fighting against exclusion from the world of work and promoting job creation , by offering employment contracts. integration work in IT in:

  • Long-term job seekers
  • Beneficiaries of social minimums
  • Young people without qualifications

The main activities are:

  • Renovation, repair and sale of microcomputers
  • Services to businesses and communities

Our values

Actif Côte d'Azur intervenes in the dynamics of the three pillars of sustainable development :

Our double social action

Occupational integration :
our workshop has received approval from the Ministry of Labor as an “Enterprise d’Insertion par l’emploi économique”. People experiencing difficulties accessing employment are recruited in partnership with Pôle emploi and local integration partners to work and train within the workshop. Most outgoing employees find stable employment or access qualifying training.

Reducing the digital divide:
Actif Côte d'Azur has the Ordi 3.0 label which is a national project to develop a national sector for the collection, renovation and redistribution of computer equipment allowing the use of digital technology by the greatest number of natural and legal persons, in an approach solidarity, circular economy and environmental quality

Our ecological action

The computers renovated in our workshop, on average around a thousand per year, escape destruction and therefore do not pollute the environment. Defective or obsolete parts are put into the recovery circuit in compliance with regulations thanks to a partnership with ESATITUDE

Our economic action

The return to service of reconditioned computers, and resold at low prices, contributes to the economic activity of the region and accordingly reduces environmental pollution. Employees in integration are actors in their future. They work on renovating equipment, providing after-sales service, and also troubleshooting all types of computers. Any profits generated from these activities are entirely dedicated to the smooth running of the workshop, the development of employment and the improvement of working conditions. Many volunteers, members of the Association, participate in this development.

Social Action

Ecological Action

Economic Action

Middle school program CD06

Since 2007, Actif Côte d'Azur and the Alpes Maritimes Departmental Council have been implementing a project to reduce the digital divide among middle school students in the department. This program, supported by the Academy Inspector, aims to offer, for a modest contribution, recycled computers to modest families of middle school students in the department. Eligible students, identified by their school, have a “reservation voucher” allowing them to come and collect a computer from our workshop in Antibes. The family's reduced participation allows you to purchase a desktop computer with keyboard, mouse, WIFI and a camera, and a minimum 17-inch flat screen, all from €20. The equipment offered as part of this program is increasingly efficient, so to satisfy the demands of many families, laptop computer offers are also offered, subject to a slightly higher participation from families. Our “Collègeiens” program is fully at the crossroads of the SMART DEAL and GREEN DEAL policies driven by the President of the Alpes Maritimes Departmental Council

Support our action

If you would like to support us in our professional integration and sustainable development efforts, you can do so in multiple ways:

You are an individual, you can:

  • Buy our renovated computers, fixed or portable
  • Entrust us with your specific computer repairs
  • Join us as a volunteer to contribute to the running of the workshop by becoming the mentor of a person in integration, or participate in the collection of computers given to us by our Donor Companies, or even give introductory courses to the IT… Support our action

You are a company or a community, you can:

  • Transfer your computer assets to us, depreciated for accounting purposes.
  • Transfer to us your IT equipment that you wish to renew
  • Entrust us with your repairs and computer maintenance services (businesses and communities)

For any information, contact us: By telephone: 04 93 74 86 60 Or by e-mail: