PHILIPS HNS9190T - 19" screen

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The grade is a rating assigned to reconditioned equipment. It only evaluates the aesthetic condition of the device (screen, shell and edges)

  • GRADE A+ (perfect condition): describes excellent quality with the appearance of a new product that has only been used for a short time.
  • GRADE A (VERY GOOD condition): describes a product in very good general condition. Some micro scratches may be present on the hull.
  • GRADE B (GOOD condition): describes a product with more significant signs of wear. The shell, keyboard and screen may have visible scratches or marks, but these should remain barely visible once the screen is turned on. The same goes for MacBooks with battery cycles greater than 800.
  • GRADE C (CORECT condition): is similar to Grade B but with a significant amplification of defects. Visible traces or scratches having an impact on the readability of the screen, and/or multiple impacts on the plastics and/or shell.
  • DECLASSIFIED PRODUCT: Refurbished product tested and functional, may have cracked plastic and/or dents, paint flakes,
    • and/or screen stained and showing clearly visible traces of wear,
    • and/or defective or missing battery
    • and/or defective connectors or peripherals.

19 inch SXGA 1280X1024 LCD monitor

Its dual input supports analog VGA and digital DVI signals.

Energy Star: for more efficiency for lower consumption.

Smartlmage: for optimal display.

SmartContrast: optimal dynamic contrast for great display clarity.

TrueVision: guarantees a high quality LCD display.

Technical specifications
  • Diagonal: 19"
  • 1280 x 1024 LCD screen
  • Main video connections: DVI • VGA

Software Suite

All our computers are reconditioned in France, in our workshops in Antibes, by employees in integration and/or with disabilities.