MacBook Pro Retina 2020 - Core i7 - 2.3 MHz - 512 GB M2 SATA - 32 GB RAM - 13 "

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The grade is a rating assigned to reconditioned equipment. It only evaluates the aesthetic condition of the device (screen, shell and edges)

  • GRADE A+ (perfect condition): describes excellent quality with the appearance of a new product that has only been used for a short time.
  • GRADE A (VERY GOOD condition): describes a product in very good general condition. Some micro scratches may be present on the hull.
  • GRADE B (GOOD condition): describes a product with more significant signs of wear. The shell, keyboard and screen may have visible scratches or marks, but these should remain barely visible once the screen is turned on. The same goes for MacBooks with battery cycles greater than 800.
  • GRADE C (CORECT condition): is similar to Grade B but with a significant amplification of defects. Visible traces or scratches having an impact on the readability of the screen, and/or multiple impacts on the plastics and/or shell.
  • DECLASSIFIED PRODUCT: Refurbished product tested and functional, may have cracked plastic and/or dents, paint flakes,
    • and/or screen stained and showing clearly visible traces of wear,
    • and/or defective or missing battery
    • and/or defective connectors or peripherals.
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MacBook Pro Retina 2020 - Core i7 - 2.3 MHz - 512 GB M2 SATA - 32 GB RAM - 13 "

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Note the disappearance of the butterfly keyboard as well as an increase of a few grams (1.4kg). The design is identical to previous years. The screen size is also unchanged, the diagonal of 13.3 inches remains the same. The MacBook Pro's Retina panel is still synonymous with excellence.

The Touch Bar is still present, too, but reorganized. The Esc button is now physical, finally, and the Touch ID button is still on the right.

Technical specifications

Model A2251

  • INTEL CORE I7-1068NG7 processor - 2.3 GHz
  • Storage 512 GB M2 SATA
  • RAM memory 32,768 MB DDR4
  • 13.3 inch screen
  • INTEL IRIS PLUS GRAPHICS 1536MB graphics card
  • Connection 4USB C+BT+WIFI+CAM
  • Weight 1830g
  • Dimensions: 1.56 x 30.41 x 21.40 cm

Software Suite

From MacOS 12 to MacOS 14

All our Macs are ready to use and equipped with the main software such as:

 Libre office / OpenOffice:free office suite and free: word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and drawing.

VLC: media Player

Internet browsers: you have the choice between Google Chrome, Firefox…


All our computers are reconditioned in France, in our workshops in Antibes, by employees in integration and/or with disabilities.